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Our Products

Construction Machines offer a gamut of choices to architects, contractors and engineers for the construction and architectural work. Providing a helping hand to them, being well equipped with technology and expertise, we are having a strong foothold in the market for construction machines, symbolizing innovative features and optimum quality. We choose to be the best with our reliable quality, dependable delivery schedules at competitive prices winning over the trust and hearts of our much revered clients. Our products can be embodied as: 

  • Pan Mixer
  • Power Floater
  • Vacuum De-watering System Machine (full set)
  • Concrete Floor Grove Cutting Machine
  • Concrete/ Asphalt Cutter
  • Vibratory Earth Compactor
  • Double Beam Screed Board Vibrator
  • Bar Cutting and Bending Machine
    • 8 mm. to 36 mm. bending
    • 8 mm. to 36 mm. bending
  • Only Bar Cutting Machine 40 mm. (Hydraulic)
  • All the spares of above machines and also for the other companies (Trimex).
We & Our Groove Cutting Machine

Remarkable skill in developing and designing Groove Cutting Machine and Concrete Groove Cutting Machine, which obliterate noise and vibration unlike conventional cutting machine, we incorporate tested and proven components like rollers with cutting-edge knife ensure precision cutting of the material. Being sufficiently strong and efficient in sharp cutting and making accurate cut, our range of Groove Cutting Machine is a touchstone of quality, so accredited throughout Indian markets.

Advantages of Our Prized Armour

  • Increase in the compressive strength by 40-70% (Higher increase is at the top surface)
  • Assurance of the unparalleled wear resistance by 100%
  • Porosity is reduced by 20% (i.e. Denser concrete)
  • Provides controlled working cycle with better utilization of manpower
  • Our Bar cutting and bending machine is 6 times more productive than manual work.

Our Infrastructural Pillars

Our factory has state-of-the-art equipment for manufacturing our high-test Groove Cutting Machine & Concrete Groove Cutting Machines, which vouch for premium quality, conforming to international
standard. We have developed well operative and sophisticated manufacturing plant, quipped with modernized machinery, quality maintaining & optimizing facilities as well as workforce of skilled technicians headed by well experienced engineers/ service technicians.

Thus, our company has gained unanimous trust and favorable feedback of mass customers (both domestic & international) with high-quality products and efficient services. We assure that by using our Groove Cutting Machine and Construction Machines, a surface of 150-200 sq. mtrs. can easily be produced within 8-14 hours with one set of equipment and a team of 6 people (depending upon the flatness of the specific floor).