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A liaison with eminence in manufacturing construction machines & heavy construction machines provides ultimate solutions for concrete strength...

A Real Identification

Construction Machines, characterizing versatility, durability and economy, are on hand for everything pertaining to construction. These machines are used in helping the construction of highways, streets, parking lots, parking garages, bridges, high-rise buildings, dams, homes, floors, sidewalks, driveways, and befitting for other numerous construction applications.

The floor construction for dwelling demands a uniform, level surface as well as sufficient strength and stability with thermal insulation & fire resistance. Furthermore, the exclusion of dampness from inside of concrete with minimum water permeability eliminates the risks of de-lamination, peeling, blistering, staining, sweating, etc.

Taking remarkable strides in the industry, we, Swiss India (TM), are addressed as a reputed Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Supplier of Heavy Construction Machines like Vacuum De-watering System Machine, Concrete Floor Grove Cutting Machine, Double Beam Screed Board Vibrator, Pan Mixer, Power Floater and much more. Under the incredible guidance of Mr. Vijay Singh Namdhari having vast experience of 27 years in fabricating and modernizing concrete processor machinery, our company holds the repute of having launched the first indigenous concrete Vacuum De-watering System and other Construction Machines for Indian construction industry.

Our Construction Machines in a myriad of topology provide immense options for the concrete floor construction in the forms of- Form Work, Vacuum Process, Needle Vibration, Floating, Screed Vibration and Trowelling. Through vacuum treatment, our de-watering system removes surplus water from the concrete, reducing water/ cement ratio to an amazing level.

Our consistent belief in corporate values and work on ethical business principles since 1978 has outweighed our sales volume crossing the figures of Rs. 1 crore consequently. Being noticed for immense pool of the potential, we have also received our perks with an increasing client base at the domestic and international front.